Eggplant “parmigiana”



4 servings


2 hours


500g eggplants, 125g buffalo mozzarella for pizza, 500g tomato puree, 5g dry basil, 50g Mortadella Bologna IGP (PGI), 10ml extravirgin olive oil, 5g salt and pepper


Start cutting the eggplants in long slices, spread some salt on top of each slice and let them rest for 20 minutes in order to drain the bitter water. Dry them with kitchen paper and grill on a non-sticking pan until golden brown. Put aside. Prepare the tomato sauce by putting the olive oil into a pan, add the tomato puree and cook  on medium low heat for at least 20-25 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and leaves of basil. Put aside. Cut the mozzarella into slices and the mortadella into small slices. Spread a tablespoon of tomato sauce on a baking pan and lay down the ingredients, alternating eggplants, tomato sauce, mozzarella and mortadella slices until you finish them. Complete with a lay of mozzarella slices and bake in pre heated oven for at least 20 minutes until the surface is golden brown. Let it rest for a couple of hours before serving it. Even better if prepared the day before.


Recipe created by Niki di Landa, for the 100diquestipiatti initiative of the Mortadella Bologna IGP (PGI) Consortium