quality mortadella for the past 4 generations

About Us

Felsineo is synonymous with high quality mortadella for the past four generations.
This ancient cured meat, well-known and appreciated all over the world, is part of Bologna’s great gastronomic tradition. Felsina is the name given to Bologna during the Etruscan age.

The Company’s name thus originates from its origins to reinforce the bond with the city.

For Felsineo mortadella is not just a product, but a system of values: gastronomic culture, tradition, integrity in quality, the desire to feel good and enjoy life through food and what it represents.

Non un semplice prodotto
Qualità senza compromessi

We dedicate our care and attention in developing excellent products with uncompromising quality, capable of evolving together with consumer trends.

We grow in harmony with our values, with full respect to the product, people, and the environment, to become the reference for mortadella in Italy and around the world.

We constantly invest in finding innovative solutions at the production, distribution and commercial levels to guarantee the highest and continuous satisfaction of all our partners, from suppliers to employees, from distributors to end customers.