Sustainability - Felsineo

The environment is important for us


The company believes in the use of alternative forms of energy and the need to reduce the environmental impact and has consequently adopted solutions aimed at protecting our environment.

Photovoltaic System

A solar panel system installed on the roof transforms solar energy in electrical energy, that is used in our production plant. The system generates 200 kilowatt hour.

Cogeneration Plant

The company has decided to install a cogeneration plant composed of five turbines, fed by methane gas, that can produce upto 1000 kilowatt hour used in the facility. The exhaust gases of these turbines feed a boiler that generate vapor necessary for the cooking of our product.

Well Water Treatment Plant

Well water is certainly an important water source. Felsineo uses it only for the production processes. To make it suitable for use, the water must undeergo a reverse osmosis membrane treatment. The water is cleaned and sanitized before being used in product cooling. The water discarded by the plant is then reused to irrigate the garden.

Smoke-Free Workplace

We have extended the smoking ban for all employees, suppliers and visitors, from offices and other closed environments, also to all outside areas inside the facility boundaries.