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The environment is important for us


Values such as transparency, fairness, responsibility and ethics are essential for us because they represent the foundations on which to build a solid and credible future. We believe that a company should base its actions on mission, philosophy, values, strategies, processes and products strongly oriented towards sustainability because they are all closely related in order to safeguard a “shared wellbeing”.


Protecting our surrounding environment is everyone's responsibility.

We have decided to do our part every day and take care of what is most precious we have: the Future. For us, thinking about the future means taking care of our employees, supporting the community in which we live and safeguarding the environment around us.

For several years we have been supporting activities and events organized by local non-profit organizations aimed at enhancing the territory and the people who live within it. It is important for us to support those who give their time to others. Volunteering is a great resource for the community: it organises social inclusion projects, sports and cultural activities that involve thousands of people every year. For us it is an honour to be alongside volunteers and be able to support those who create moments of great social value like them.



Our great goal has always been to minimise food waste due to production surpluses. For years we have been collaborating with numerous local and national charity associations, including Food Bank Organizations, which redistribute food to those who need it most.


Our company believes in the use of alternative forms of energy and in protecting the environmental impact and for this reason has decided to adopt some solutions to safeguard our environment:

PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM – a solar panel system installed on the roof transforms solar energy into electricity, which is used in our production plant. The system generates 200 kilowatt hours.

COGENERATION PLANT - The company has decided to install a cogeneration plant composed of five turbines, powered by methane gas, that can produce up to 1000 kilowatt hours used in our facility. The gases of these turbines feed a boiler which in turn generates the vapor necessary for cooking our products.

WELL WATER POTABILIZATION PLANT - Well water is certainly an important source of water supply. In Felsineo it is used for production processes. In order to make it suitable for use in the food sector, it is necessary to treat the water with reverse osmosis membrane treatments. The water is purified and sanitized before being used in the product cooling. The water discarded by the plant is used to irrigate the garden.

NO SMOKING FACTORY - We have extended the smoking ban for all employees, suppliers and visitors, from offices and other closed environments, also to all outside areas inside the facility boundaries.

To Eliminate Waste

To Reduce the Environmental Impact

Cherish what has been freely given to us.

This is the commitment of the Felsineo Group: to work with the goal of a better world for future generations.

For us, this means safeguarding the environment around us, supporting the community we live in, taking care of the needs of our consumers, our collaborators, and the people who interact with us.

Collaborating with Treedom in the fight against climate change, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the economic support of developing countries, is an important step forward towards our goals.

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Caring for a Precious Gift

Today, environmental sustainability is a value that must be part of every corporate strategy, both in the short and long term. It is our duty to our planet to make concrete and conscious decisions that help us find more environmentally friendly production systems, recyclable packaging materials, packaging based on materials with a reduced environmental impact and much more.

This is why we have introduced the new La Sciccosa FDAI tray, made with 82% of recyclable paper* coming from responsibly managed forests. This novelty features more than 85% less plastic with respect to our other plastic trays.

In addition, we have installed drinking water dispensers in the company that allow all employees to use reusable water bottles and thus avoid purchasing disposable plastic water bottles.

* The tray can be disposed of in the paper collection.

Caring for a Precious Gift

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1° brand nel mercato italiano
1° brand Mortadella Bologna IGP
20.000 mq di superficie produttiva

* Source: Nielsen Mortadella Market, Modern Distribution, 2017
** Internal source