The Mortadella Bologna PGI Tour-tlen Selecion has been formulated thanks to the experience of two important Bolognese realities: Felsineo, synonym of high quality mortadella since 1963, and the Chefs Association Tour-tlen that brings together Chefs from the territory that shares the goal to enhance the Bolognese gastronomic culture.

Consorzio Mortadella Bologna


As Bolognese tradition intends

The denomination "Mortadella Bologna PGI" is reserved only for the products that fulfill the requirements written in the disciplinary of production established by the Consortium of the Mortadella bologna PGI.

Mortadella Bologna PGI is a unique and incomparable gastronomic experience and represents the excellence of the tradition of the delights “made in Bologna”.
Prepared with high quality raw materials, Mortadella Bologna PGI has always been a pillar for all the lovers of the Bolognese cuisine.

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Together for giving you the best of Bologna

The excellent result of this partnership is clear. In fact, a brand-new mortadella is born, with a full and satisfying taste, versatile in the kitchen: from the evergreens such as sandwiches, appetizers, filling or mousse to more elaborated recipes where it stands out like the undisputed stars.

The Mortadella Bologna PGI Tour-tlen selection is the perfect product to use to succeed in the Chefs Association's mission: exploit the Bolognese gastronomy in Italy and in the world.

It is a Mortadella designed by Chefs for other Chef, and the proof if that several professional, that do not belong to the Chef Association, use the Mortadella Tour-tlen Selection in their kitchen on a daily basis, appreciating its numerous point of strength.

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Mortadela Bologna PGI Tour-tlen Selection?

TOUR Tlen RistoassociazioneAre you in Italy? Are you serching for a typical restaurant to eat in Bologna and surrondings? Here it is a list of the Tour-tlen Chefs. Click of their name to open the map and discover where are placed their restaurants.

You can find different culinary proposals, from the more innovative and bold ones to the more traditional ones. but we can assure you that in each dish you will find Bologna and its invaluable gastronomic heritage.

Cynthia Ravanelli

Strada Maggiore 10/a - 40125 Bologna
051 0707078

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Zucchini between Bologna and Naples (traditional Bolognese stuffed zucchini and zucchini alla scapece).

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Massimiliano Mascia

Ristorante San Domenico
Via G. Sacchi 1 - 40026 Imola
0542 29000

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Demis Aleotti

Bottega Aleotti
Via Giovanni Paltrinieri 62 - 40014 CREVALCORE (BO)
051 981651

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Salted doughnut filled with Mortadella Bologna IGP Tour-tlen selection, pistachio mousse and lambrusco reduction.

Find out where it is

Lucia Antonelli

338 1253996

Alberto Guidetti

Ristorante La Luna Rossa
Via Provanone 4907 - 40014 Palata Pepoli, Crevalcore (BO)
051 985919

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Pizza La Tourtlen - fior di latte bite, Mortadella Bologna IGP Tour-tlen selection, 36-month Parmigiano Reggiano cream, black truffle from our Apennines.

Tortellino Eretico - stuffed with pink prawns, Mortadella Bologna IGP Tour-tlen selection, Isigny butter, lime zest and Italian calvisius caviar.

Find out where it is

Carlo Alberto Borsarini

Ristorante La Lumira
Corso Martiri 74 - 41013 Castelfranco Emilia
059 926550

Prova Tour-Tlen in:

Emiliaromagna without hyphen (selection of cured meats with piada romagnola).

Find out where it is

Vincenzo Vottero

ViVo Taste Lab
Viale Antonio Silvani 18 - 40131 Bologna

Try Tour-Tlen in:

"The winner is" traditional tortellino, black truffle, guinea fowl broth and hay, pearls of Barbera from the Bolognese hills.

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Sandro Vilardo

Polpette e Crescentine
Via dei Fornaciai 9/3 - 40129 Bologna
051 235214

Find out where it is

Dario Picchiotti

Antica Trattoria di Sacerno
Via di Mezzo Levante, 2, 40012 Sacerno (BO)

Find out where it is

Francesco Tonelli

Casa Merlò
Via de‘ Gombruti 2 - 40123 Bologna
051 239645

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Poldino Bolognese: butter bread, Swiss bread made with tortellini filling (Mortadella Bologna IGP Tour-tlen selection) friggione, green sauce, puffed Parmigiano Reggiano crust.

Find out where it is

Giacomo Galeazzi

Ristorante Tramvia
Via Marconi 31 - 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
051 575044

Find out where it is

Luca Fava

Agriturismo Mastrosasso
Via Scardazzo 292 - 40060 Valsamoggia Loc. Savigno (BO)
051 6708552

Find out where it is

Pietro Montanari

Ristorante Cesarina
Via Santo Stefano 19/b - Bologna
051 232037

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Variation of mortadella (sliced mortadella, Petronian fried stick, muffins with mortadella mousse).

Find out where it is

Pasquale Troiano

Cantina Bentivoglio
via Mascarella 4/B - 40126 Bologna
051 265416

Find out where it is

Federico Pettazzoni

339 6891944

Fabio Berti

Trattoria Bertozzi
Via Andrea Costa 84/2/d - 40134 Bologna
051 6141425

Try Tour-Tlen in:

Potato pie with Mortadella Bologna IGP Tour-tlen selection, Parmigiano Reggiano cream and balsamic vinegar's ristretto.

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Vincenzo Tatoli

Ristorante A Balùs
Via del Borgo di S.Pietro 9/2A - 40126 Bologna

Find out where it is

Stefano Aldreghetti

Piazza del Mercato 13/d - 30175 Venezia

Find out where it is

Francesco Carboni

Ristorante Acqua Pazza
Via Augusto Murri 168D - 40137 Bologna

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Most of the people isn't aware that the Mortadella is one of the most versatiles foods in the kitchen. Appetizers, first or second courses, the Mortadella Bologna PGI will be your key ingredients in every meal: its fragrance will fill the room, its enveloping, intense and persistent taste will seduce at every bite.

Many people slice it to fill sandwiches or dice it to make trays to eat as "aperitivo", however the Mortadella can be cooked too, with terrific results: inside the oven in a pie with vegetables, as pasta filling of even on the grill.

In this section you can find tasty recipes directly from our archive for preparing easy and delicious dishes, ideal for all the occasions.

Only Natural Seasonings
Gluten Free

Dairy Free
No Added Sugar

No Added Glutamate
No Added Polyphosphates

Nutritional information

Average Values per 100g RI*
- of which saturated
- of which sugars

*Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal)

Qualità e Sicurezza

Quality and tradition that

make the difference

Quality means respecting and defending consumers. Only carefully selected ingredients and of the finest quality are used to produce mortadella. All the company processes are certified according to the most important International Standards.

Felsineo exploits a specialization and experience handed down for three generations, which place the company among the most important players in the mortadella market.