Vision and Mission - Felsineo

Authenticity, craftsmanship and passion

Vision and Mission

“For Felsineo, Mortadella is not just a product, it is a set of values. Felsineo is all about loving good food, carrying on tradition, guaranteeing high quality standards as well as healthy living and enjoying life through food and everything it represents.”

Andrea Raimondi
President of Felsineo S.p.A.


Making the best quality products possible by constantly focussing on consumer needs and trends, while remaining true to the Company values, in full respect of products, people and the environment, in order to become the global mortadella leader.


Developing cutting-edge production, distribution and commercial solutions able to ensure the total satisfaction of all its partners from suppliers to employees, from distributors to final customers.

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1° brand nel mercato italiano
1° brand Mortadella Bologna IGP
20.000 mq di superficie produttiva

* Source: Nielsen Mortadella Market, Modern Distribution, 2017
** Internal source