Historical Trademark of National Interest

Felsineo is officially an Italian Historical Trademark of National Interest.
An achievement that testifies the excellence and continuity of an Italian company active since 1963. The Historical Trademark is an important recognition that protects national companies of excellence that have been operating in Italy for at least 50 years.

“We are proud that our Felsineo brand, with the ‘effe’ that embraces the two towers of Bologna, has received this prestigious award. It’s great for all of us who work in Felsineo and that today represent its present, to know that we have a story behind us. History cannot be bought, but only built day after day. And we too, day after day, and again day after day, always linked to the territory and top quality, keep going so that the innovations of tomorrow become traditions in the future. ” Andrea Raimondi, President of the Felsineo Group.

The acquisition of the ‘Historical Trademark’ recognition is subject to specific registration in the special Register established at UIBM, Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Art. 11-ter of the Italian Intellectual Property Code).